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Common Questions

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How do I enroll my child in Partners for Children & Families (PfCF)?

PfCF is not a child care center. For help finding child care in Moore County, contact us at (910) 949-4045.

Where are you located?

Our office is located at 7720 NC Hwy 22 in Carthage. We are one-half mile north of the Moore County Airport near Whispering Pines.

How is PfCF funded?

PfCF has several funding sources. These include the North Carolina state government, the federal government, and private donations and grants. Visit our Funding Partners list for more information.

Is PfCF operated by the state?

No. PfCF is a private nonprofit. We have a local volunteer Board of Directors with community and business representatives. Our Board sets boundaries and makes key operational and funding decisions. Visit Board of Directors for more information.

Is PfCF only for low-income families?

No. Our mission is to ensure that ALL families are supported and empowered and ALL children have what they need to succeed in school and life. We invest in many local programs that focus on early care and education, health, and family supports. We do fund some programs that are based on family income such as child care subsidy and NC Pre-K.

How do I know if a child care program provides quality service?

The state of North Carolina has implemented a star rating system to help parents choose quality child care. Programs are given one to five stars with one-star being the lowest and five-stars being the highest quality. For more information on indicators of high quality care, visit Finding Child Care.

Is financial assistance available for low-income families who need child care?

Yes. PfCF supports a child subsidy program through the Moore County Department of Social Services. Qualification requirements depend on family size, salary and other information. Call (910) 947-2436 for more information. We also support NC Pre-K, a free, high-quality pre-kindergarten program for at-risk four year olds. Visit NC Pre-K for more information.

Is PfCF affiliated with Head Start?

No. Head Start is a federally-funded preschool program that targets low-income children. Call Moore County Head Start at (910) 692-6713 for more information about their program.

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