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motheread/fatheread participants


Motheread/Fatheread- curriculum based classes to help parents support the age-appropriate, literacy skill development of their infants, toddlers and preschoolers while improving their own listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

"Motheread Book Club has been one of the greatest learning programs I have ever done. It has taught me how to engage my daughter during reading and gives us books to read and bond over. I love going every week.  We learn and discuss new topics and techniques for reading." 
                                                                                                                -Jessica Diver, parent participant in Motheread/Fatheread p


What is Motheread/Fatheread?

Motheread/Fatheread is a nationally-acclaimed family literacy program that combines the teaching of literacy skills with child development and family empowerment challenges. Parents and children learn to use the power of language to discover more about themselves, their families, and their communities. 

Motheread/Fatheread is a reading program that works with parents to show them how to use stories to help learn about the world they are growing up in.  Motheread/Fatheread believes that all parents can become role models for their children. Children as young as six months old respond to stories because they know their mother's or father's voice. Sharing stories with children brings families closer together.  

Motheread/Fatheread can help parents learn how to become reading role models for their children.  Certified teachers show parents many different ways to read to their children.  Motheread/Fatheread has a curriculum featuring hundreds of nationally awarded books selected for children birth to 11 years. 


Why attend Motheread/Fatheread?

Children are our most important resource! Research shows that early, habitual reading to children:

  • promotes healthy brain development, rapid growth in language acquisition, development of prolonged listening stamina and use of imagination with can relate to creative problem solving

  • correlates to higher levels of education

  • reinforces the parent-child connection


Participation in Motheread/Fatheread Book Club includes:

  • FREE childcare!

  • FREE food!

  • FREE books!


What happens during the Motheread/Fatheread Book Club meetings?

The book clubs typically meet once per week for 2 hours, over a period of 10-12 weeks.  Child care is provided in a separate space so adults can fully participate.  In each meeting, a holistic, learner-centered approach is used to facilitate the exploration of literacy as experience, art and process. These activities may include modeling and practicing read-aloud techniques to help children engage with stories, as well as reflect to adult writings which may be connected to a piece of children's literature or a writing skill.  These activities are followed by the rejoining of parents and children in order to reinforce and implement the read-aloud techniques practiced. 


To Register:

Contact Nancy Bryant, Moore County Literacy Council at 910-692-5954 or

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