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Farm to Early
Care and Education 

What Is Farm to ECE?

Our program addresses food insecurity in low-income areas by improving access to nutritious meals and snacks, emphasizing locally sourced produce, lean meats, and whole grains. We prioritize early childhood education, offering lessons on food systems, sustainable gardening, food preparation, and nutrition for childcare professionals and families. In Moore County, where 15% of children face food insecurity, our efforts are critical.

PfCF has been at the forefront of the Farm to Early Care and Education (F2ECE) movement, a significant initiative in North Carolina. Last year, out of the twelve licensed facilities we supported, four were honored with the NC's REACH (Recognizing ECE’s Advancing Children’s Healthy Habits) award. Despite Moore County's relatively small size, we are proud to believe that our county received more REACH awards than any other.


Over the past six years, PfCF has been actively involved in F2ECE initiatives. In the last two years alone, our efforts reached 12 licensed childcare facilities, 171 families, and 207 children, providing weekly access to fresh produce and fostering garden-related activities. Notably, 29% of participating children qualified for subsidized childcare, and 10 facilities established edible gardens, enriching the experience for 190 children during the growing season.


For more information about this project contact Leslie or Tammie via email or by calling 910-949-4045.


To view the Farm to Early Care & Education Collaborative flyer, click here


Farm to ECE Success Stories

Helen's Day Care - Carthage, NC

Check back regularly to see more success stories! 


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