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Play Mobile

The Play Mobile is a portable storage unit filled with scrap, loose parts, traditional playground equipment, and much more. It encourages physical activity, creativity and learning. The Play Mobile contents can transform any space into a play environment that includes unique play settings and encourages various types of play. 

The Play Mobile Process

To rent the Play Mobile for your next event, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Learn more about the Play Mobile.

Download and read the Informational Flyer.







Step 2: Complete the Play Mobile Request Form.

Click to complete the Request Form.




Step 3: PfCF will reach out to you with the following:
  • Rental Agreement (Signed via DocuSign)

  • Play Mobile Responsibilities

  • Facilitator Orientation Handout

  • Consumables List

  • Play Areas Guide 


Step 4: Training & Preparation
  • A short 10-minute training video will be sent to your email.


Step 5: Pick-up/Delivery
  • After all the previous steps have been completed, you are able to pick-up or have PfCF deliver the Play Mobile to your event. Please know that a delivery fee may be applicable.

  • The Play Mobile trailer weighs 5,500 pounds and should be towable by a typical pickup truck. We do not recommend you tow the trailer by SUV or small pickup truck.


Step 6: Follow-up 
  • After your event and the Play Mobile is returned, we will inspect the Play Mobile and send a mandatory follow-up survey about your experience.


Additional Information

The Play Mobile is not staffed, so you will need to recruit volunteers/staff to help facilitate the contents of the Play Mobile.


The cost of the Play Mobile depends, so please reach out to PfCF for specific cost information.

Play Mobile Request Form
Play Mobile Intro Flyer
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