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We acknowledge that the first five years of a child’s life is a critical period of rapid growth and development, molding their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical capacities.

Regrettably, not all children have the same access to the resources and opportunities necessary to fully unleash their potential.


Persistent disparities in education, healthcare, socio-economic conditions, and support systems hinder the progress and opportunities of countless young individuals, thus perpetuating societal inequalities.


In spite of these challenges, we have the opportunity to shape a brighter tomorrow with Moore Impact today!

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NC Pre K

Our Impact

July 2022 - June 2023

 We are empowering Moore County to support holistic child development by aligning resources, providing tools, and fostering collaboration among caregivers to ensure kindergarten readiness and lifelong success.

children eating healthy snacks around a table

Provided over 10,000 nutritious meals and snacks to low-income children in childcare homes each month.

SRS reading

Our Summer Reading Stations received 3,834 visits from over 2,143 children, distributing 3,789 books, 3,250 snacks, 1,483 STEAM kits, 1,143 coloring books, and 919 parent's guides.

Farm to ECE providers

227 children in 12 childcare facilities were matched with local farmers to provide locally sourced produce.

preschool students

Supported Moore County Schools through NC Pre-K by funding high quality early education to 52 preschoolers in 9 classrooms across the county.

Father and Son Reading a Book

Mailed over 34,000 age- appropriate books to 3,719 children who enjoyed the Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.

Child at the Doctor

Full-time Registered Nurse worked with

early educators in 55 childcare facilities to identify and resolve health and safety concerns and facilitated 16 trainings

for 85 early educators.

Group Meeting

Facilitated 221 caregiver sessions and 15 Triple-P discussion groups.

Girl on a Tricycle

35 parents/caregivers, early educators, and Sandhills Community College students used our "Learning Through Play" Lending Library.

Happy Kids Huddle

Provided funding to Moore County DSS to subsidize high quality child care for approximately 50 children from low-income families each month.

RaR children

128 children from 17 classrooms in 7 child care facilities received a weekly rotation of bags filled with high-quality children's books.


Provided bonuses to 50 teachers, directors, and family child care home in 19 different child care programs serving approximately 474 children.

teacher teaching

44 trainings for 363 early educators and provided technical assistance to 89 classrooms in 28 different licensed child care facilities.

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