DCDEE Memo: May 4, 2021 Updated ChildCareStrongNC Public Health Toolkit Now Available

DCDEE Memo May 4, 2021

The Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) has updated the ChildCareStrongNC Public Health Toolkit to reflect recent changes in guidance, clarify language, and be responsive to questions that have arisen in the child care field.

 The May edition of the ChildCareStrongNC Public Health Toolkit includes the following updates:  

  • Page 4 offers guidance about re-allowing parents/caregivers to escort their children to their classrooms. Note: This is a policy change, as it is currently NOT RECOMMENDED that child care facilities allow parents/caregivers into the facilities. However, it is believed that this policy change is supported due the increasing vaccination rates, as well as the declining infection rates. The updated language aligns with CDC guidance regarding staggering entry for drop-off & pick-up. 
  • Page 5 & page 9 offer clearer language around who can enter a child care facility.
  • Page 10 includes language around off-premise activities. DCDEE is specifically including this guidance in the May edition to allow child care facilities time to plan & prepare ahead of summer activities. Note: This is a policy change, as off-premises field trips have not been allowed at all during COVID-19. However, it is believed that this policy change is appropriate as more people are vaccinated, the infection rate continues to decrease, and this will deter families from making child care arrangements with unlicensed child care facilities over the summer. 
  • Page 11 language better aligns with the current Executive Order.
  • Page 19 has added language to align with DHHS guidance on exposure for fully vaccinated people.
  • Page 22 (& reminder at the bottom of the Log on page 23) addresses a question regarding how long the Daily Health Logs should be kept. 
  • Guidance on cleaning & hygiene have been updated to reflect Executive Order 209.
  • Throughout the document the language regarding face coverings only being required when a person is indoors has been updated to align with Executive Order 209.  

If you have questions about these updates, please contact your child care health consultant.