DCDEE Memo: January 21, 2021 CCDF Moodle Training "2021 Part 1: Medications in Child Care" Now Available

The Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE), in collaboration with the NC Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center, is pleased to announce the availability of a new training module in the DCDEE Moodle platform.  Many of you are likely familiar with the North Carolina Health and Safety Resource Center's "Administration of Medication in Child Care" training where participants learn about NC Child Care Rules and best practices addressing medication administration in child care. While this training is still available and information regarding the training is accessible through the training page on their website, an online modified option titled: 2021 Part 1: Medications in Child Care module was created to provide specific training for the "Administration of medication, with standards for parental consent' health and safety training topic.

With the addition of this training module, nine (9) of the eleven (11) health and safety topics are now available in the DCDEE Moodle platform.

If you are a new hire, you will need to complete the required eleven (11) health and safety topics within your first year of employment. Thereafter, the health and safety topics must be completed once every 5 years. You can satisfy the training requirement by participating in DCDEE approved trainings both in person or virtual, through college coursework that is topic related, enrolling in the 2021 CCDF Health and Safety in Child Care Moodle modules, or a combination of any of the above options.

For those of you who have previously completed the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) Health and Safety in Child Care Moodle Trainings and you would like a refresher in one or more of the modules available, please type 2021 CCDF Health and Safety in Child Care or 2021 Part 1: Medications in Child Care in the search box at the bottom of the main Moodle page.

-        If you are unfamiliar with how to navigate Moodle, more information.is available.

-        Go directly to DCDEE's Moodle page.

-        Moodle can also be accessed through DCDEE's homepage.

If you have questions about the content of the modules or would like to request technical assistance for your facility on any of these topics, contact the North Carolina Child Care Health and Safety Resource Center at resourcecenter@unc.edu. If you need assistance with implementing health and safety best practices in child care, check to see if there is a child care health consultant (CCHC) in your community.