DCDEE Memo: February 22, 2021 CORRECTED EMAIL Helping Child Care Staff Get Vaccinated

DCDEE Memo 2/22/2021


On February 10, 2021, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announced plans for how the state will move to Group 3 for COVID-19 vaccines. Because supply is still very limited and the population of frontline essential workers is so large, we will begin with anyone working in child care or in PreK - 12 schools starting on February 24, 2021. 

 DHHS produced How Child Care Programs Can Help Get Child Care Staff Vaccinated, which contains detailed information about how DHHS is working with its partners on supporting child care and school staff in accessing vaccines.  One of those partners, the local child care resource and referral agencies (CCR&R), will work with child care programs and staff to make sure information about vaccination events and appointment blocks are available to child care program staff. Someone from the local CCR&R will contact you to begin collecting staff contact information and link you to local vaccination events. Smart Start is also working with local vaccine providers to help make sure they're ready to give shots to child care staff.  Please work with your local CCR&R agency to gather this information.

Highlights of How Child Care Programs Can Help Get Child Care Staff Vaccinated document include:

  • Background Information
  • Which child care staff are eligible to get vaccinated as part of Group 3
  • Where eligible child care employees can get a vaccine
  • How can child care programs ensure that their employees get access to the vaccine
  • Email template that can sent to child care employees
  • Other communication resources

Specifically, the Division of Child Development and Eatly Education would like to highlight the specific roles found in child care programs who will be eligible for the vaccine beginning February 24, 2021.  The list below does not include every possible role, but provides an outline of the kinds of positions that are eligible for vaccines on February 24, 2021.  Please note that this means that child care staff will be ELIGIBLE to receive a vaccination on February 24. But, this DOES NOT guarantee that you will be able to get an appointment or get vaccinated right away, due to very limited vaccine supply.

Child Care Settings

Eligible Child Care Roles

  • Child Care Centers (birth to age 12)
  • Family Child Care Homes
  • NC Pre-Kindergarten Programs
  • Head Start & Early Head Start Programs
  • Teachers in licensed centers & family child care homes
  • Teacher assistants
  • Student teachers
  • Owners, directors, supervisors
  • Bus & van drivers
  • Family support staff
  • Food service workers
  • On-site program, administrative, & support staff
  • Custodial & maintenance staff
  • Therapists &medical staff
  • Required on-site consultants

For more information about vaccines for child care providers, please dial (919) 814.6457 or email DCDEE.childcare.vaccine.info@dhhs.nc.gov.   

Thank you for all you are doing to keep North Carolina's children nurtured and learning, families working, and North Carolina strong.