DCDEE Memo: December 9, 2020 Second Order of Personal Protective Equipment & Cleaning Supplies

As it remains difficult for child care facilities to find items that have become a mainstay during the COVID-19 crisis, the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) will provide each open child care provider with another 8-week supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection control supplies. This will be the second round of shipments for facilities that were open in July, and the first round of shipments to those that opened after the initial supply order was placed in July 2020.  The inventory of supplies is expected to include:  

  • Touchless thermometers (New Facilities ONLY) 
  • Batteries (New Facilities ONLY) 
  • Cotton Face Masks (New Facilities ONLY)
  • Procedural Disposable Masks 
  • Gloves - Sizes Medium and Large 
  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Hand Wipes
  • Paper Towels
  • Bleach

Child care centers and family child care homes should expect to receive an 8-week supply of these items in multiple shipments over the next few weeks.  For those child care facilities receiving thermometers, the distribution began December 3, 2020.  The distribution for all other supplies began December 7, 2020.  The delivery date for all products may vary due to quantities available and the specifics of the order.  All shipments will be delivered to the physical address of the child care facility as recorded in the DCDEE Regulatory database.  North Carolina Pre-K programs that are operating in-person will receive supplies from this order as well.


If there are questions about the PPE and/or cleaning supply shipments, please contact Laura Hewitt at 919.703.7916 or laura.hewitt@dhhs.nc.gov.