For Families:

What is Motheread/Fatheread?

Motheread/Fatheread is a national program led by trained certified facilitators which helps:

  • *educate parents on the importance and vital impact of reading to their children every day
  • *parents to connect to children's literature by using it as a framework to explore, discuss, and reflect on real-life, every day experiences
  • *build parent's confidence in the art of active reading with their children by practicing research-based strategies that help to engage children and make stories more meaningful
  • *improve parents' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through reflective responses to adult writings


Why attend Motheread/Fatheread?

Children are our most important resoucrce! Research shows that early, habitual reading to children:

  • *promotes healthy brain development, rapid growth in language acquisition, development of prolonged listening stamina and use of imagination with can relate to creative problem solving
  • *correlates to higher levels of education
  • *reinforces the parent-child connection

Participation in Motheread/Fatheread Book Club includes:

  • *FREE childcare!
  • *FREE food!
  • *FREE books!


What happens during the Motheread/Fatheread Book Club meetings?

The book clubs typically meet once per week for 2 hours, over a period of 10-12 weeks.  Child care is provided in a seperate space so adults can fully participate.  In each meeting, a holistic, learner-centered approach is used to facilitate the exploration of literacy as experience, art and process. These activities may include modeling and practicing read-aloud techniques to help children engage wih stories, as well as reflect to adult writings which may be connected to a piece of children's literature or a writing skill.  These activities are followed by the rejoining of parents and children in order to reinforce and implement the read-aloud techniques practiced. 

       "Motheread Book Club has been one of the greatest learning programs I have ever done. It has taught me how to engage my daughter during reading and gives us books to read and bond over. I love going every week.  We learn and discuss new topics and techniques for reading." 

                                                                                                                                                                    --Jessica Diver, parent participant in Motheread/Fatheread program

To Register:

Contact Heather Lussier, Moore County Literacy Council at 910-692-5954 or