Partners for Children & Families (PfCF) is one of 77 local “Smart Start” non-profit organizations across North Carolina that receive allocations from the state legislature to address the needs of young children up to five years of age.  The PfCF Board of Directors, in conjunction with the state Smart Start office, awards annual grants for programs aligned with Smart Start’s vision to ensure that every child has all they need for healthy growth and development.

In addition to Smart Start funded projects, PfCF also administers various federal grants.  Donations are always needed as most grants require a “match” of private funding.

Since 1998, Partners for Children & Families has:                                                                                                                      

* Disbursed over $20 million in Smart Start funds;      

* Expended nearly $2 million in federal funds;  

* Received over $3 million in local contributions;                 

* Partnered with over 60 area organizations;              

* Made possible over 50 different programs for young children and their families in Moore County.