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About Foundations

Children's experiences before they enter school matter - research shows that children who experience high-quality care and education, and who enter school well prepared, are more successful in school and later in their lives. The North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development (referred to as Foundations or NC FELD) serves as a shared vision for what we want for our state's children and answers the question "What should we be helping children learn before kindergarten?" By providing a common set of Goals and Developmental Indicators for children from birth through kindergarten entry, our hope is that parents, educators, administrators, and policy makers can together do the best job possible to provide experiences that help children be well prepared for success in school and life.

Partners for Children & Families has developed the following resources to help families, early educators, and early childhood leaders use Foundations to help achieve this goal.

Getting Ready for Kindergarten: Family Action Cards (Preschool Edition)

This resource is available in English and Spanish.

Ever wonder what you could do at home to help your preschooler get ready for kindergarten? This resource is for you! These fun family action cards give you information and enjoyable ways to support the development and learning of your child as s/he prepares for kidnergarten. These activities are organized into the five domains of learning from Foundations: Play and Learning, Emotional & Social, Health & Physical, Language & Communication, and Cognitive Development.

Keep in mind... this is not a test! No child is expected to have mastered all of these skills before entering kindergarten. This is a collection of skill-building strategies that will help you become an active partner in your child's learning. There are 64 cards in this deck. On the front, you will find one "Skill to Build." On the back, you will find activities that you can do at home that will help build that skill. As you work on each skill, cut, mark, or tear off the bottom right corner. This will help you track and celebrate your progress!

Foundations Posters

Do you provide trainings or host workshops related to NC Foundations or the developmental domains of early childhood? Partners for Children & Families has created a set of posters that displays summarized information on the five domains of learning and the associated subdomains and goals listed in NC Foundations. These posters are particularly helpful for providing the North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning and Development training, teaching early childhood education students about the resources, and sharing the information in a condensed format to interested community members and families.

How to Order

Please contact Brittney Mays at Partners for Children & Families at or (910) 949-4045 for information on ordering these helpful resources.