DCDEE Memo: September 11, 2020 Resumption of ALL Monitoring Visits to Child Care Facilities with Correct Link

The Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) appreciates all the hard work and continued sacrifices that NC's child care facilities have made during the COVID-19 outbreak to serve families and fuel the state's economy.
While DCDEE asks that child care facilities continue to maintain compliance with all child care requirements and to follow the ChildCareStrongNC Public Health Toolkit, the Division has continued to provide regulatory flexibility to child care facilities during this time of crisis. DCDEE will continue to evaluate and determine if there is a need to include additional regulatory flexibility as the situation progresses.
Beginning in March 2020, DCDEE suspended monitoring visits, other than investigations of complaints and investigations of child maltreatment. As time progressed DCDEE began to conduct additional visits, including but not limited to, consultation and temporary time period visits to child care facilities. With your support, these visits were successful.
Effective September 2020, DCDEE will resume conducting all monitoring visits to child care facilities. By the end of 2020, DCDEE will ensure all child care programs receive an annual visit to monitor compliance with child care requirements. Please know DCDEE is working to limit the time its staff are in your child care programs, including a limited monitoring plan. In order to accomplish this, you may be asked to send information to your child care consultant in advance of or after the visit to reduce the time the consultant is in your program.
DCDEE representatives will at all times adhere to the three Ws: Wash, Wear and Wait and will respect any health and safety protocols your facility has in place. Thank you for supporting North Carolina and its families by providing vital care and services.