DCDEE Memo: October 21, 2020 Emergency School-Age Family Support Program

The North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) is pleased to announce the Emergency School-Age Family Support Program, which provides financial assistance for child care to parents/primary caregivers who have a school-age child who is attending a licensed child care facility (child care center or family child care home) or a registered community-based organization (CBO) for remote learning as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.  This program will be effective beginning October 1, 2020 and will operate until November 30, 2020.  All licensed or regulated facilities, regardless of star rating and regardless of current participation in the Subsidized Child Care Assistance Program, are eligible to participate in the Program, as are all unlicensed CBOs registered with DCDEE.   
Providers participating in the Emergency School-Age Family Support Program will use DCDEE's Emergency Child Care Provider Portal to record and submit attendance.  A detailed job aid with step by step instructions for entering children, recording and submitting attendance is forthcoming. 
A detailed policy document containing more information about this emergency program including information about the facility application process and payment methods is also forthcoming. 
This communication contains the following document:
  1. The COVID-19 Parent Application for Financial Assistance for Emergency School-Age Family Support Program for October and November is available in English and Spanish.  
  • Child care programs and community-based organizations should print copies of this form and have them available at their facility for parents to complete.
  • Parents will also be able to access this form online, fill it out on their computer, and print a hard copy to complete and bring to their child care program or community-based organization.
If you receive a completed parent application before the detailed policy document is available, please ensure that the parent application is fully completed and signed by the parent and keep a copy at your facility. If your facility is a licensed facility that DOES NOT participate in the Subsidized Child Care Assistance Program or your facility is a registered CBO, please contact the Subsidy Services Section of DCDEE at 919-814-6380 to establish appropriate payment method. If your facility is a licensed facility that currently participates in the Subsidized Child Care Assistance Program, please note that you will receive payment the same way you receive payment for your regular subsidy children.
If a family who is already enrolled in your child care program submits an emergency application for October services and they have already paid for the month of October, please make plans to either reimburse the family for the October service month or provide the family with a credit for a future month.
If the licensed child care facilities have questions about any of this information, please contact your child care consultant.  If the CBOs have questions about any of this information, please email communitybasedprograms@dhhs.nc.gov.  The Subsidy Services Section is also available to assist with questions by calling 919-814-6380.