DCDEE Memo: August 21, 2020 Subsidy Payment Plans for Future Months Beginning in September 2020

The North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) is writing to share the payment plans for future months beginning with September services to be paid in October.  


As North Carolina has progressed into Stage 2 of the pandemic and more employers have reopened, DCDEE plans to begin using the regular subsidy payment structure beginning with September 2020 service month. This means that parent fees will no longer be waived and that payment to open facilities will be solely based on the true attendance entered into the NC FAST Provider Portal.


Beginning with the service month of September 2020, each family receiving subsidized child care with a parent fee assigned will be responsible for paying this parent fee directly to their chosen child care facility. DCDEE will no longer cover the cost of these parent fees. Facilities are also asked to enter true attendance into the NC FAST Provider Portal and payment for services will be calculated based on this attendance only. There will no longer be a differential amount calculated. Facilities who remain closed will not receive payment for any subsidized children.


DCDEE is also working to address several concerns related to COVID-19 including payment when a facility is closed due to quarantine, when a subsidized child is not able to attend a facility due to being quarantined, and school age children attending facilities full time now that school has started for the year.  Specific guidance will be issued to all subsidized facilities about recording attendance in the NC FAST Provider Portal for the month of September and future months that will address these concerns. 

Families are receiving a written notice about this change via mail.   Subsidized child care providers are also receiving notification of this change via email.  


For additional information, please review the COVID-19 Child Care Payment Policies.


If there are any questions regarding the information contained in this communication, please contact the DCDEE Subsidy Services Section at 919.814.6380.