Criminal Background Check Portal Opened January 4, 2018

#1 - As of January 4, 2018, the Criminal Background Check application must be completed online. No bubble sheets required!!      

·         Review the tutorials on the CBC website PRIOR to entering any information

·         Do not mail bubble sheets into the CBC Unit if you have entered your information into the portal                   

·         Do not mail release forms to DCDEE unless you are under the age of 18, are submitting a manual fingerprint card, or are also submitting an out of state criminal record check

 #2 - To complete an online Criminal Background Check application go to:

·         Every applicant needs their own individual NCID

(DO NOT share an NCID with ANYONE!)

·         Remember your NCID login and password                                              

·         Include all names on your application - including maiden name and any other alias names you have used

#3 - The payment for a Criminal Background Check is part of the online application process.The fee is $26.50 and can be paid using MasterCard, VISA, or American Express


#4 - Fingerprints must be submitted through LIVESCAN at your local county Sheriff's Office


#5 - If you have not lived in North Carolina for all parts of the last 5 years, you must obtain the following from ALL states and countries in which you have lived:

·         Criminal Record Check for the state(s) and countries you have lived in

·         A check of the child abuse and neglect registries (typically done through the county department of social services) for the state(s) and countries you have lived in 

 #6 - If you are in the process of completing your Criminal Background Check application and you have made a payment prior to December 30, 2017; you will still be able to submit paperwork by mail to the Criminal Background Check Unit. A complete package must include bubble sheet, payment receipt AND fingerprints.

If you have any questions regarding your Criminal Background Check application or the process, please contact a Division representative in the Criminal Background Check Unit directly at 919-527-6620 or dial the toll-free number at 1-800-859-0829 and ask for the Criminal Background Check Unit.