Congratulations, Barbara!

Please join us in extending best wishes to Barbara Ross, who is retiring on June 27th, 2019!

Barbara began working in Child Care Resource & Referral in the fall of 1997, after completing her Associate in Applied Science in Early Childhood at Sandhills Community College. This was a perfect match because, as someone once said, "Barbara knew everyone in Moore County!" Over the years, Barbara has trained many child care providers, provided hours of technical assistance, helped with thousands of fingerprints and criminal background checks, and answered a gazillion questions from parents, providers, and the community. She has orchestrated home repairs for the elderly and found housing for the homeless. She always has time to lend an ear to those in need. She has the kindest heart to help friends, co-workers, clients, and even strangers, feel better, find a solution, or help them get "real" about something. She is always ready to lend a hand. Although Barbara is very knowledgeable in all things concerning child care, what has made her most successful in her career is the person that she is inside.  There is no one like her. She is a treasure and we love her.

-Contributed by Tammie Martin

Barbara will be sorely missed and impossible to replace. Our team would like to present Barbara with a memory book on her last day. Please help us celebrate her career by emailing us your well wishes, favorite stories about Barbara, and congratulations. Send these to Brittney Mays at If you prefer to mail a card, please send to: Partners for Children & Families, 7720 NC Hwy 22, Carthage, NC 28327

Thank you! Please call us at (910) 949-4045 if you have any questions.