Board of Directors

Special thanks to our volunteer Board of Directors for their ongoing commitment to young children and families in Moore County.


Chair: Erin Newcomb, Sandhills Children Center

Vice-Chair: Audrey Moriarty, Given Tufts Library

Secretary: Jarrod Gouty, First Horizon Mortgage

Treasurer: Tom Boals, First Bank


Kim Bullard, Sandhills Children's Center

Laura Hope, Country Kids Child Care Center

Miriam King, Moore County Health Department

Linda Parsons, Moore County Chamber of Commerce

Jennifer Woodell, Moore County Department of Social Services

Mahogany Williams, Richmond Community Support Center

Susan Wright, Sandhills Community College

Janice Roberts, North Carolina State University

Clare Ruggles, Northern Moore Family Resource Center

Chris Hunt, Wells Fargo

Germain Elkins, Sandhills Community College

Executive Committee & Board Of Directors Meetings

Executive meetings will be held at 11:30am every second Tuesday of the month.

Board of Director meetings will be held at 11:30am the third Tuesday of every other month. 

Please contact Stuart Mills at if you are interested in joining these public meetings.