2022 Annual Report

Dear Friends,
The board and staff at Partners for Children & Families are pleased to share with you this 2022 Annual Report which highlights our recent achievements and the local programs we support. 

We are one of Moore County's oldest and largest private charitable organizations. We have deep roots and leadership roles in this community. Through our Smart Start network we also have relationships and resources from across the state and beyond. All of these roots, roles, relationships and resources are marshalled with a single-minded focus on helping Moore County's young children become their best selves, healthy, happy and ready to learn.

I would like to recognize here the contributions made over the years by my predecessors, Emily Jones and Terry Reynolds. Their gifts to this organization and our community have been substantial. From these two individuals I have inherited a finely tuned mission-focused organization. Our staff is professional, experienced, technically competent and passionate about helping children and their families. 

We are a charitable organization and depend on gifts, grants and volunteers. If you are passionate about our children's collective futures and would like to work with us, we welcome your involvement. If you would like to volunteer or donate, please call me or visit our website at www.pfcfmc.org.


Stuart Mills
Executive Director

To view our 2022 Annual Report, click on the image below.

2022 Annual Report


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