Our Priorities and Goals


Growing Moore Readers is working is to ensure all children in our community will read at or above grade-level. In 2015, only 64% of Moore County's children were proficient readers at the end of third grade. This has significant and long-term consequences for children in our community and for our future. To ensure all children read at or above grade-level, we are focusing on three priorities that research proves are crucial to child well-being and long term success: school readiness, summer learning, and school attendance.

All children will enter kindergarten ready to succeed.

All children will maintain school-year gains during the summer months.

All children will attend school regularly. 



With the update of our Community Solutions Action Plan, Growing Moore Readers has identified a set of goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics that will guide our work.  These goals are identified below.

Goal 1: All children will read at or above grade-level by the end of third grade.

Goal 2: All children will enter kindergarten ready to succeed.

Goal 3: All children will experience a learning-filled summer.

Goal 4: All children will attend school regularly.

Goal 5: All families will engage in high-impact strategies at home to support children's literacy and learning.

Goal 6: All community members will understand and promote the importance of early literacy development and grade-level reading proficiency.

Goal 7: Early literacy efforts in Moore County will be collaborative, effective, and sustainable. 



We are tracking our success.
Want to know more about our partner programs and the data we're collecting? Visit our Clear Impact Scorecard.