North Carolina’s child care system is in a crisis – and it impacts kids, families, working parents, caregivers and businesses across the state.

Data shows that before the pandemic, North Carolina lost nearly $2.4 billion each year because of our state’s child care crisis. That number continues growing. 

This means:

  • North Carolina loses millions in business and tax revenue because we don’t have enough high-quality child care and early learning options to support our working parents.
  • Businesses in North Carolina lose about $507 million in business revenue.

It doesn’t have to be this way. When North Carolina leaders invest in the Smart Start Network, we can build a strong, thriving North Carolina for all.

Our littlest learners are our smartest investment. 

When North Carolinians have child care and family support, our state thrives. 

  • North Carolina children are supported during the most critical phase of brain development. This ensures they have the right tools to start kindergarten on track, graduate high school and succeed in their careers.
  • Parents and caregivers are more likely to grow in their careers, contribute to their communities and raise healthy families. 
  • Employee absenteeism plummets. Businesses employ a more focused, motivated workforce – and tax revenues increase, too.
  • Our economy gains $414 million in tax revenue alone.

Are you a local policymaker?

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As a Smart Start Network Local Partnership, we’re here to help you make smart, data-backed choices to help our state and businesses thrive.  

Smart Start is in all 100 counties of our state. It is a network of 75 local partnerships across North Carolina. As part of this network, partnerships like ours work together to ensure every child in our state receives the care and nurturing they need. Here in Moore County, we work to support children and their families.

Since we work directly within our communities, we listen to and understand families, children and what they need to grow, learn, and succeed.

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