Moore County LICC

Moore County Interagency Coordinating Council for Young Children with Disabilities and Their Families (LICC)

Our Mission:

  To identify children & families who have concerns about their child’s development

  To link families to the supports and services they need

  To work together as agencies serving children and families birth to five in order to offer a more coordinated array of support resulting in enhanced services for children with special needs and their families

  To educate families and professionals on typical child development so children with special needs can be identified early 

  To educate our community on the referral process

Our Members:

Parents of Children with Special Needs

Sandhills Children’s Developmental Services Agency (CDSA)

Moore County Schools Preschool Program

Family Promise

Family Support Network of the Sandhills


Ft. Bragg Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Head Start/Early Head Start

Moore Co Dept. of Social Services

Moore County Heath Department

Partners for Children & Families

Sandhills Children’s Center

Sandhills Community Care Network

Sandhills Community College