Careers in Early Care & Education


There are numerous career options in the field of early care and education.  Individuals with an interest, passion, and/or formal education in the area of child development or early childhood education have lots of opportunities to consider, including:

  • Teachers of young children in child care, Head Start & pre-K programs
  • Providers of home-based child care
  • Administrators or directors of child care centers
  • Instructors and trainers
  • Professional development coordinators
  • Technical assistance specialists
  • Topic specialists
  • Regulators
  • Family specialists / counselors
  • Program managers / consultants
  • Researchers
  • Sales representatives

Interested in learning more about the career paths of local early educators? Take a look at Sandhills Community College's Early Childhood Education Career Path Videos.

In 2008, Child Care Services Association in Chapel Hill, NC created a guidebook which beautifully describes each of these career options, the recommended education levels for each position, and the typical salary range of each.  For your information, the guidebook is attached below.