Board of Directors


Special thanks to our 2017-2018 volunteer Board of Directors for their ongoing commitment to young children and families in Moore County.



Chair:  David Williams, Community Member

Vice-Chair:  Adam Crocker, Aberdeen Parks & Recreation

Secretary:  Susan Bellew, Family Promise of Moore County

Treasurer:  Tom Boals, First Bank



Kim Deberry, Community Care of the Sandhills

Dr. John Dempsey, Sandhills Community College [Designee: Maria Campbell]

Jean Frye, Children's Developmental Services Agency

Dr. Robert Grimesey, Moore County Schools  [Designee: Rebecca Benton]

Gail Hicks, Community Member

Chris Hunt, At-Large Member

Chris Miller, FirstHealth Community Health Services

Audrey Moriarty, Given Memorial Library

Erin Newcomb, Sandhills Children's Center

Alice Thomas, Moore County Library

Lynn Thompson, Southern Pines Library

Wayne Vest, Moore County Manager [Designee: Janet Parris]

John Wilson, Sandhills Children's Developmental Services Agency

Robert Wittman, Moore County Health Department  [Designee: Torie Furr]

Jennifer Woodell, Department of Social Services  [Designee: Laura Cockman]

Susan Wright, Sandhills Community College