Board of Directors


Special thanks to our 2016-2017 volunteer Board of Directors for their ongoing commitment to young children and families in Moore County.



Chair:  David Williams, Community Member

Vice-Chair:  Adam Crocker, Aberdeen Parks & Recreation

Secretary:  Susan Bellew, Family Promise of Moore County

Treasurer:  Tom Boals, First Bank



John Benton, Department of Social Services  [Designee: Jennifer Woodell]

Lisa Valverde, Community Care of the Sandhills

Dr. John Dempsey, Sandhills Community College [Designee: Maria Campbell]

Jean Frye, Children's Developmental Services Agency

Dr. Robert Grimesey, Moore County Schools  [Designee: Rebecca Benton]

Anna Harris, At-Large Member

Gail Hicks, Community Member

Chris Hunt, At-Large Member

Chris Miller, First Health Community Health Services

Erin Newcomb, Sandhills Children's Center

Alice Thomas, Moore County Library

Lynn Thompson, Southern Pines Library

Wayne Vest, Moore County Manager [Designee: Janet Parris]

John Wilson, Sandhills Children's Developmental Services Agency

Robert Wittman, Moore County Health Department  [Designee: Torie Furr]

Susan Wright, Sandhills Community College